I know those questions are old but I thought I might as well answer them.

I have one question for you. It's obvious that Felice photoshops herself in her photos, but have you seen her live on webcam? Her skin, nose and jaw line looks as usual as in her 'photoshop' photos. I'm quite confused.

She knows her angles. Most of the time she doesn’t look like her photoshopped self on webcam.

What happened to Rich? It says in "felice's" FAQ that she is not looking and I never hear her talking about him anymore. Also what happened with Rocky?

She gave rocky away and she still lives with rich.

Is there more to this post post/23783081877/richard-gray-exposed ? because I can only read up to "rich is not the innocent doormat he appears to be" (I tried various links but they've all expired and this seems really interesting!)

I’ll try finding it.

Oh you're still around! I'm so happy :D You were one of the original snowflake blogs I used to follow back in the day and most of the others seem to have disappeared.

I disappeared for a while. I’m back for the time being.

is there a reason you still have this blog up? do u still care, or?

Or I was too lazy to delete it.

Felice n Rich 4eva

Felice n Rich 4eva

All my favorite felice blogs are dead.



What the actual fuck? Felice just got rid of Rocky and got a new puppy. I can’t even… 

She’s heartless.

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I am an atheist but I did not find funny or "cool" the wallpaper Twitter Felice. Disgusting. What kind of human being can be so ridiculous, false and untrue. Felice as imposter! Should report it!

I can’t see her background from my phone, but, I can imagine.